Forced Perspective Photography Assignment

The forced perspective technique manipulates our human perception with the use of optical illusions to make objects appear larger, smaller, farther, or closer than they actually are. I once screamed like a little girl at a scary movie in a packed theater, only to find out later that the gigantic monster on the screen was only a little model. The movie makers had used forced perspective to turn a plastic toy into something frightening to the audience. The use of digital effects today still incorporates this popular way of portraying scenes or objects.

Little Push by Chaval Brasil

Photography also uses forced perspective a lot as well to give a certain feel to an image. That’s why I was surprised to only find a few thousand results when searching for ‘forced perspective’ on Flickr. Here are 15 (updated: we now have 17) selected examples of this technique, which includes images that show how much fun you can have with it.

For more examples, check out the forced perspective group on Flickr.

Maina by -Thanh

Waterfall Trap by stuant63

Johan is incredibly tall by mrlerone

Perspective by twiga269


By Alex Schwab

By William Chew

By Christiaan Triebert

By Kenzie Saunders

By bark

By mackee_lee

By Steven Guzzardi

By Ace Armstrong

By Jordan Oram

By Seb Ruiz

Project 10: Trick Photography

Trick photography is a great way to dazzle and amaze your friends and family.  You can of course use photoshop to edit and manipulate your images, but you can also set them up to be tricky in the first place.  

Here are some ways you can create trick photography: 

1. Perspective
Perspective is the distance between the camera and the items.  You can distort this to make trick photographs.  Make an object seem unusually huge by placing it closer to the camera.  It will appear huge compared to the other items in the environment.  

2.  Angles
Tilting the camera can trick your audience.  Imagine that you have your subject lay down on the ground sideways and pretend to climb the side of the wall...if you turn the photo after you have shot the picture, it appears that your subject is scaling the wall.  What else can you do? 

3.  Forced Perspective
Forced perspective is a photography technique that uses optical illusion to make an object look further away, closer up, larger, or smaller than it actually is.  This is the same technique that is used in films to make small models of objects look like the real thing. 

Search "forced perspective photography examples" on Google images to see what we are talking about.  One object will appear closer/bigger than another, making it seem unusual.  

Check out these Brilliant Examples of Trick Photography and Forced Perspective

And a few more cool examples

Your assignment this week is to create your own example of trick photography or forced perspective.  For this assignment, you must work alone.  If you choose to use a partner to help you out, you each must publish a unique image on your Shutterfly.  (You cannot submit the same image or idea).  

Using the links I have provided, and google searching on your own, find an example that inspires you.  You can use that idea, or modify it to be even cooler.  Set up your scene, take your photographs, and edit them if you need to.  Submit one or more examples through the hand in box on Schoolzone.  Upload all of your awesomeness onto your Shutterfly. 

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