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The New South Wales (NSW) Government is Australia’s largest employer with over 400, 000 full time, part time and casual working professionals in roles such as Teachers, Nursing, Administration, Engineering and Accountants ranging from Graduate programs to Senior Management level vacancies. If you take pride in making a real difference with the work you complete day to day and enjoy the opportunity of working in different environments the NSW Government will provide you with the opportunities, training, and support to harness and meet your full potential. The NSW Government proudly employ a diverse range of people and are committed to building a diverse workforce where all employees feel included, valued and can expect Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO). With so many opportunities available be sure to  call Public Resumes and have one of our experienced and highly professional N.S.W State Government writers complete your next job application.

A wide range of exciting and challenging vacancies are available within Departments of Family and Community Services, Transport, Health and Education. The NSW Government offer many incentives via government employment conditions which private sector employers are unable to match this includes leadership programs, learning and training, work life balance, superannuation and various types of leave. The NSW State Government offer entry level opportunities and programs for Graduates, Trainees, and Apprenticeships as well as programs for the Disabled and Indigenous Groups.

NSW Government jobs are available at a number of different levels and across various departments and agencies. An understanding of each department’s structure will help you understand the various type of jobs that are available within each Government department.

NSW Department of Education
Family and Community Services NSW
NSW Department of Finance, Services & Innovation
NSW Ministry of Health
NSW Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development
Justice Department of NSW
NSW Department of Planning and Environment
The Treasury
NSW Government Department of Transport

For NSW Government applications you will be expected to acquire the skills, abilities and knowledge required for the vacancy, your application must clearly outline for the role within a well written application including strong and relevant examples to the selection criteria. You will be required to submit a resume and responses to the capability framework or selection criteria. Your Resume needs to include your relevant and transferable skills, without being too long or too short. Additionally, the content needs to be set out in such a way that it easy to read and in logical order, otherwise you will appear incoherent. Are you familiar with those aspects of Resume writing? . The Selection Criteria responses is the most important part of your application and is giving you the opportunity to clearly outline your knowledge, skills and experience in relation to the selection criteria or capability framework questions as it is showing the selection panel how you will be able to perform the duties and tasks required for the role.

Most NSW Government advertisements do not require a one page cover letter but you should thoroughly read the position description to give yourself the best chance of progressing in the application process by correctly providing the requested documents. You must also clearly understand the requirement of how to address the selection criteria for the role you are targeting as all NSW state Government Departments and Agencies have different requirements for their application including composing an individual response to each of the specific selection criteria which could range from 200 to 500 words per point or you may be required to be provide a statement addressing either a capability framework or selection criteria questions within a page limit which can range from two to five pages.

Public Service Resumes professional N.S.W State Government writers specialise in completing Resume, Selection Criteria and Cover letters for NSW Government applications, a number of our writers have had direct working history within several NSW Government Department and Agencies and have a proven track record of producing high quality, correctly structured  and professional documents that make you stand out for the crowd!

To view all current NSW Government jobs visit the “I Work For NSW” job search website via the link provided below.

New South Wales State Government job search website

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Stacey Holder
Chief Policy Advisor
South Australian Department of Housing
14 Edifice St
Woodbrush SA 5000

Dear Ms Holder

Re: Government Policy Advisor position

I am writing to apply for the position of Government Policy Advisor at the Department of Housing as advertised recently on SEEK.com.au.

In my current role, I serve as a policy advisor to the Southport Department of Housing, overseeing housing programs and development in the Southport area. My duties include, but are not limited to, advising on the development of housing policy strategies, liaising with community services and other agencies on key policy issues, conducting extensive research on housing strategies, writing reports and briefs for analysts and local/state government, and preparing government submissions.

One of my notable achievements at Southport has been to play a key role in devising the Combined Homelessness Task Force. This has been a very successful program, resulting in a 10% decrease in rough sleeping since 2010.

Prior to this, I worked as a policy officer at the South Australian Housing Federation, conducting research and developing a range of recommendations to help communities suffering from economic and social disadvantage and poor service provision.

I am fully qualified, with a Bachelor of Arts (Community Development) and a Master of Politics and Policy. I possess excellent report writing and research skills, and am thoroughly versed in all legislation relevant to this role.

I am a hard-working and enthusiastic person, with a solid understanding of housing issues and affected communities, a strategic mind and excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills. Throughout my career, I have been driven by a dual sense of social justice and the need to facilitate change through long-term policy vision.

My resume is attached and I look forward to being able to discuss the position with you further.

Yours sincerely,

[sign here]

William Bower

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