Cross Media Study Essay

Students discussed issues relating to MEST3 Section B: The Impact of Digital Media. The class discussion was a response to the question offered in a past exam paper:

The class discussion shaped an essay structure that could possibly be used when answering this question.
Potential Essay Structure:

  • An exploration of TWITTER and how this site, along with the invention of the mobile phone, has changed how an audience receives information. The audience can pick and choose the nature of the information that they wish to digest and digest this information anywhere! This could be trivial celebrity nonsense or comments from credible journalists or news organisations. The implications of sites such as TWITTER is that mainstream news values are being challenged. An individual can access a wide range of views that are not mediated by mainstream news organisations. REFERENCE COULD BE MADE TO HOW TWITTER WAS USED IN IRAN IN 2009. Twitter was used to pass information to the world that the government was attempting to suppress. However there may be a problem with credibility. Can we trust Twitter? There have been a series of offensive tweets published that have resulted in prosecution. Can this kind of media ever be regulated? Can the public be protected against abuse and misinformation? Students need to support all views with SPECIFIC TEXTUAL REFERENCE.
  • The idea that mainstream news institutions are not the only source of information in a digital world can be reinforced further with reference to YOU TUBE and the development of THE YOUNG TURKS. The development of this news network exemplifies the power of digital media. Again, the implications are that mainstream news values can be challenged and it also serves to illustrate the power of YOU TUBE and online media. Click on links to access information relating to THE YOUNG TURKS:
  • KHAN ACADEMY: We have discussed this wonderful free resource many times. This empowers students from all over the world and helps both students and teachers. The implications are that millions of people have access to a free educational resource that covers a multitude of subjects. Obviously, a decent broadband connection is required. How has the use of digital media enhanced your own education? Try and construct a personal response.
  • The next paragraph could examine how the kindle and e-books have transformed the publishing industry. It is now possible for writers to directly engage a readership without having to rely on the old gatekeeping system. Look at how Amazon encourages authors to publish their own work. Reference was made to Amanda Hocking and the ability for an independent writer to independently publish their work. THE positive IMPLICATIONS are that creative people can offer their work to a global audience via digital media. CLAY SHIRKY makes some interesting observations about how digital media has aided the creative process. Check the SHIRKY resources on fishymedia. RESEARCH REQUIRED. Students could also reference Rosie Hardy the photographer when examining how creative people are using digital media...or the music industry. THE negative IMPLICATIONS of this new independence is that traditional book stores such as BORDERS and WATERSTONES have perished/are perishing due to their inability to find a working business model to access the digital world. Could refer to the music industry and its struggle to find a credible digital business model.
  • The I-Player ....see class notes. I really liked Martha's reference to how Channel Four use the e-media attached to The Secret Millionaire. Implications of 4OD etc? Audience being able to watch the media they want to watch when they want to watch it!
  • The conclusion could consider that the way information reaches the audience depends on geographical location and the ideology of the country's government. Reference could be made to Cuba, North Korea and China and how information is censored. Furthermore, broadband access is dependent on being able to pay!!! The poor may be denied access to digital information.

The rest of the session looked at Section A of MEST3. We will be attempting the questions next week so think about how you will answer these questions for homework. Click on link to access questions: 

HOMEWORK: Complete the MEST3 Section B Essay. This is a big task. DO NOT LEAVE THIS ESSAY UNTIL TUESDAY NIGHT!! EVIE....don't be a slacker. You owe me BIG TIME. Don't let me down. 

Students should be constructing coursework.


MURDOCH'S THE DAILY. Why did it fail?....:
Are you lot aware of this? Internet Freedom??? Scarey Times:
Amanda Hocking:


The aim of today's session was to offer students a general overview of the mock paper that will be forced in all media faces on Friday. The text will be the 2010 John Lewis promo. Click on link below:
  1. The media forms question will ask students how different techniques are used together to 'compress a person's life into 60 seconds'. Obviously this question demands that you discuss the significance of the transitions, use of lighting, possible reference to mise-en-scene codes, digital sfx, use of music, use of text etc. REMEMBER....YOU MUST USE MEDIA LANGUAGE when constructing a critical analysis and you must refer to SPECIFIC MOMENTS FROM THE TEXT when supporting your critical argument.
  2. The institution question will ask students to consider how the text communicates the brand values of John Lewis. Students should refer to mise-en-scene codes and the use of text might be important when answering this question. Is the text used to anchor the meaning of this text significant?? ErrrYEAH it is! 
  3. The representation question will ask students to consider how the woman's life is represented. Class discussion clearly identified that this is quite a problematic representation. I expect students to clearly differentiate between the Preferred Reading and the Oppositional Reading. Reference could be made to stereotypes. What about those lyrics eh kids?????
  4. This is the audience question and will ask students to consider the nature of the pleasure that this text offers the audience. This morning we discussed the theories of miserable Mr.Dyer, Reception Theory and the Uses and Gratifications Theory. Students should apply these theories when constructing a response to this question.

The whole aim of navigating through the paper is to develop student awareness of the expectation of the exam. Your critical work has improved MASSIVELY as we have moved through the course and the mock provides students with an opportunity to provide me with more evidence of your learning. 

THUS FAR ON THE COURSE YOU LOT HAVE BEEN WONDERFUL..and i fully expect your mock exam grades to provide further evidence of your excellent level of improvement.


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