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Importance of Sportsmanship Essay

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Importance of Sportsmanship

When you are on the field of play, it is vital that you remember to be very sportsmanlike, for numerous reasons. There are many spectators who come to enjoy the competitiveness and excitement of high school athletics and a bad sport can turn a good, hard-fought and enjoyable contest into an ugly, forgettable one. Cheap shots and verbal attacks on fellow student-athletes can forever taint a positive athletic career, and that is why it is vital that sportsmanship is emphasized from a very young age. One reason that sportsmanship is important is the fact that it promotes healthy relationships with your peers. Whether you are talking to coaches, teammates, officials, or even opposing players, it is important…show more content…

It is these adverse situations that sportsmanship plays a key role in. If you have been a good sport your entire life and are taught self-control from a young age, adversity will come easier for you because you have experienced it before. A big reason that sportsmanship is important is that you are not just representing yourself when you play. You represent your entire community and all that it stands for. If several players from a certain school are very unsportsmanlike and dirty, their school will begin to get this reputation. If someone continues to yell and complain all game, their community is thought of in this sense. A prime example of this is the fans and players involved in the Pistons-Pacers brawl in Detroit. Although many of the Pistons fans showed restraint and did not further provoke the incident, the entire town of Detroit is viewed on a lower level now because of a select few. This is especially true in high school athletics. Sportsmanship is a vital part of athletics. It molds the morals and ethics of student-athletes for the rest of their lives. The qualities instilled in players can be used in many real-life situations and will make the community a better place. It gives the community a much more positive environment and promotes healthy relationships with your peers. This is why sportsmanship is an essential part of educational

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Sportsmanship Essay

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"One who plays a sport fairly and loses gracefully" is how The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines sportsmanship. What is a sportsman? The definition seems to have undergone a big change over the years.
If children follow the example set by today's athletes, the definition would equal a sore loser. High school sports should be a fun way to physically express yourself as an athlete, but at the same time learn some of life's lessons, like sportsmanship, discipline, and respect. In today's society, winning comes before everything, but if winning requires neglect of good sportsmanship, then nothing is gained in the long run.
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     Michigan State University's report, "Sportsmanship: Building Character or 'Characters'?" on the Youth Sportsman Institute webpage, explains the basic idea of how the role of children's participation in sports affects their sportsmanship. The report gives examples of how good sportsmen, and bad sportsmen are viewed by society. The Youth Sports Institute says, "participation is viewed as a double-edged sword that may have either negative or positive effects on the child"("Sportsmanship",1) and that "the critical factor in determining whether the youth sports experience has a positive or negative effect on children is the quality of adult leadership"("Sportsmanship, 3).
     The story "Friday Night Lights", written by H.G. Bissinger, gives examples of bad sportsmanship, like the Youth Sportsman Institute suggests. "Friday Night Lights" is a story about a football-obsessed town in Odessa, Texas. The whole story expresses winning or losing the game as a life or death situation. In Odessa, bad sportsmanship isn't just a problem for the athletes; it is a town-wide disease. The coaches talk bad behind their player's backs, while the fans litter the head coaches yard with for-sale signs, blaming him for losing the big game.
     The first instance of bad sportsmanship in the story is where Bissinger

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