Ap World History Summer Assignments

Updated June 9, 2014

We are very excited to have you in AP World History and have high hopes for the successes of this school year.

 Welcome to Mrs. Osborn's & Mr. Toohey's AP World History (APWH)!!!  

AP World History is a rigorous, fast-paced, and challenging course designed by the College Board to be the equivalent of a college survey course.  Students should possess strong reading and writing skills and be willing to devote substantial time to study and the completion of class reading assignments.  Emphasis is placed on critical reading and thinking, use of primary and secondary sources, class discussion, and analytical writing.  This course is designed to prepare students to take the College Board Advanced Placement World History Examination, through which he/she may be able to receive college credit.  The AP Exam will be administered in May 2015.  The change from Honors/Pre-AP to full AP is an enormous step up for even the best of students.  It is not unusual to see a temporary drop in grades during the first few weeks while students adjust to the rigor of the course. Encourage your student to follow the syllabus and read every day.  There is simply no substitute for reading.

 You may ask, "Why is there a summer assignment for APWH?" The answer is that the first 3 chapters of the book emcompass 5% of the AP Exam you will take in May 2015. If we can cover this info during the summer, that will free up some class time for us to get out of the building and go to some interesting places such as the Dallas Museum of Art, Kimbell Museum or the new George W. Bush Presidential Center! Now, that's sounds pretty cool!


NOTE: The online version of the textbook you are using for this Summer Assignment is a later edition from that used in class. IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO COMPLETE THE SUMMER ASSIGNMENT: You will be issued a textbook on the second day of class (August 26th) & be expected to read Chapters 1-3 (79 pages!) & complete DIFFERENT Study Guides by the same due date (September, 8th). It is in your best interests to complete these assignments over the summer. Chapters 1-3 will be tested on Tuesday, September 9th.

DIRECTIONS: Open/Read each chapter (in .pdf format) & complete the corresponding Chapter Study Guide, answering the questions on your OWN paper.


CHAPTER 1: The Emergence of Human Communities to 500 B.C.E. (Click HERE)                    CHAPTER 1 STUDY GUIDE (Click HERE)



CHAPTER 2: New Civilizations in E and W Hemispheres, 2200-250 B.C.E. (Click HERE)           CHAPTER 2 STUDY GUIDE (Click HERE)



CHAPTER 3: The Mediterranean and Middle East, 2000-500 B.C.E. (Click HERE)                      CHAPTER 3 STUDY GUIDE (Click HERE)


If you have ANY questions over the summer, don't hesitate to email Mrs. Osborn at trosborn@garlandisd.net.

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