Extraneous Definition Example Essay

  • But as far as an "emergency fund," which I define as extraneous and unexpected expenses hospital bill, car wreck, etc.

    Your Emergency Fund Or Your Debt? | Lifehacker Australia

  • The other thing to be aware of when looking at fonts is what I call extraneous fonts.

    Tutorial Blog

  • This book also they call extraneous, which some of the Jews prohibit to be read.

    The Canon of the Old and New Testaments Ascertained, or The Bible Complete without the Apocrypha and Unwritten Traditions.

  • Although so much of it is too entrancing to be termed extraneous, it does mean a director has to deal with the abundant non-libretto passages.

    David Finkle: First Nighter: Richard Strauss's Mezz-a-Mezz Intermezzo

  • What Democrats said is that they also offered the president another carrot, if you will, and that is to cut off some of the -- what the White House called extraneous domestic spending on this emergency bill.

    CNN Transcript May 18, 2007

  • But it is true that observing that there are certain thoughts which arise neither from external objects nor from the determination of my will, but only from my faculty of thinking; in order to mark the difference between the ideas or the notions which are the forms of these thoughts, and to distinguish them from the others, which may be called extraneous or voluntary, I have called them innate.

    Hume (English Men of Letters Series)

  • These excisable songs are perhaps best described as extraneous genre exercises (most specifically, the just a little bit too cute "I Did What I Did").

    Blogtimore, Hon

  • But it does mean that if a law is consistently applied to only one subset of persons, based on political or other extraneous considerations (extraneous, meaning other than whether the person committed the crime), then it ceases to be an exercise in “law” and becomes one of politics.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » “Garzon and the Trouble with International Law”

  • Bonus points were given for "extraneous" factors such as the presence of an Australian accent and points were deducted for "rudeness of being Canadian."

    Bonnie Fuller: Why Duke University's Karen Owen Is the Sexual Oversharer of All Time! And Good Luck Getting a Job!

  • India should be less concerned about the inclusion of "extraneous" issues in the FTA as most of the provisions are in any case either covered by domestic legislation or non-binding.

    FTA: Free Trade Agreement or Futile Talk and Agony?

  • To alter the rhyming couplets with extraneous emotion or a hint of free will would be a form of blasphemy.

    —jesse green, New York Times, "Review: ‘The Amateurs’ Takes On God, Noah’s Ark and the Plague. For Laughs.,"27 Feb. 2018

  • In 2016 the Eagles signed incumbent Bradford to a two-year $35-million contract, only to then maneuver to draft Carson Wentz, making Bradford extraneous.

    —andrew brandt, SI.com, "Think Kirk Cousins Is Primed To Sign a Huge Contract in NFL Free Agency? Think Again,"20 Feb. 2018

  • My current projects are aimed at investigating whether cueing causes the whole memory to maintain detail or whether these cues might be consolidating the ‘gist’ of the memory and losing extraneous detail.

    —sadie witkowski, Smithsonian, "Sleep-Learning Was a Myth, But You Could Strengthen Memories While You Snooze,"16 Feb. 2018

  • In other ways, Christian clears the extraneous from their lives.

    —anndee hochman, Philly.com, "The Parent Trip: Megan and John Soliman of Manayunk,"13 Feb. 2018

  • Even a bipartisan deal blessed by party leaders of both chambers can get caught up in extraneous drama.

    —ed kilgore, Daily Intelligencer, "In Defense of the ‘Dumbest Shutdown’,"9 Feb. 2018

  • Mark Davis fixated on Gruden, meaning every other candidate, no matter race or religion, was extraneous.

    —andrew brandt, SI.com, "In Praise of Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson, the Eagles’ Brain Trust,"23 Jan. 2018

  • There’s nothing extraneous in Tina Ramchandani’s curated designs.

    —hillary brown, House Beautiful, "This Manhattan Designer Takes the "Less Is More" Approach,"19 Jan. 2018

  • According to a June 1993 article in the Aviation Safety and Reporting System journal Directline that looked at 63 reports documenting Sterile Cockpit violations of varying severity, the most common cause was extraneous conversation.

    —tyler moss, Condé Nast Traveler, "Why Airline Pilots Can't Chit Chat Below 10,000 Feet,"12 May 2017

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