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Parenting Styles and Their Effects Essay

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The family system and parents are generally regarded as one of the most powerful forces in shaping adolescents. Parents have a great influence in the development of adolescents. The relationship of the parents largely effect the development of adolescents and is an important factor when looking at development. Well-adjusted adolescents tend to have intact families that are supportive and create a warm and loving environment with constant monitoring of behavior. The review examines the current research on adolescent development and how it is effected by parenting styles. Taking into account the changes that occur over time to parents this review shows the fluidity of parenting styles and the stressors that cause those changes.…show more content…

Their findings indicated that when the emotional needs and security of a spouse is met they can better tend to the needs of the child or adolescents. Thus, the value of grounded relationships must be examined when looking at parenting styles as it is apparent to the quality of development in adolescents.
It is apparent throughout research parents have a high impact on the outcomes of adolescent emotional regulations and the behavior during adolescents (Feldman, 2011; Jabeen, Haque, & Riaz, 2013; Millings et al., 2012). Jabeen et al. (2013) states "parents play a crucial role in the social and emotional development of children" (pg.85). This part parent's play can be effected as stated above and the fluidity of parenting styles and their effects on adolescents should be observed. Through research looking at performance in school by Areepattamannil (2010), finds that supportive parenting yields higher achievement in school and is nearly as close in relationship to socioeconomic status.
Parenting Types Parenting types and parenting styles are defined by Schroeder & Mowen (2012) "as the attitudes, behaviors, and interaction styles that, when taken together, create an emotional context in which socialization efforts and family interactions can occur" (pg.229). This time when socialization is occurring it gives parents the opportunity to develop a well emotionally grounded

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There’s something especially alluring about music based around experiments with the human voice. In recent years, several producers have made the voice—whether it’s chopped, spliced, or stretched into uncanny new forms—a central feature in their synth-heavy compositions. Oneohtrix Point Never incorporated affecting, robot-like choirs into the ‘80s-styled, nostalgic sheen of R Plus Seven. More recently, Visible Cloaks’ Reassemblage used pitched-up, icy choruses along with MIDI-translated phrases to create haunting worlds of sound.

dd elle’s self-titled debut album, however, has a sense of fun that you’d be hard-pressed to find on either of those records. The solo project of New Jersey-based musician Dan Casey contrasts airy ambience—often created through stacks of chanting voices—with bursts of childlike melody.

A case in point: on “silk,” church-like, choral swells and a repeated vocal refrain are manipulated to different pitches and tempos. There are vivid, delightful melodies throughout, sounding like a glorious, off-the-cuff freestyles on a kitchen’s worth of jam jars and beer bottles. “Lover’s leap,” goes further into goofy pop, contrasting ding-dong doorbell sounds with epic, slow-building drums.

In and among this joyful, controlled chaos, Casey also manages some quick, recognizable nods to other styles. In “dd’s lament,” there are quick-change switch-ups to swaggering, half-time trap bounce, while album closer, “dd’s theme,” treads closer to the earnest, serene stylings of OPN or Visible Cloaks. As a whole, the album echoes the super-sleek, slickly honed sonics of those peers, applying it to a tongue-in-cheek, riotous pop mentality.

—Jake Hulyer

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