Lego Batman 2 Asylum Assignment Joker Pictures From Batman

This is the walkthrough page for the mission Asylum Assignment.  It is part 4 of our story walkthrough for LEGO Batman 2 featuring Batman and Robin dealing with the Scarecrow.

(Free Play) There is a cell to the right of the stairs that lead to the boss fight with Scarecrow. In the cell is a poor citizen getting her keister kicked. Blow open the gate with the Power Suit or Penguin’s dynamite-toting minions to lend her a hand.

  • Have Robin make a left after swimming past the first fan to get to the Minikit you can see behind a metal grate.
  • Swim up into the room where Killer Croc is chowing down on a chicken. Don’t worry, he won’t bother you. Just waltz on in and grab the Minikit.
  • (Free Play) Use Aquaman or Killer Croc to pull the Orange Handle all the way on the right side of the flooded passage.
  • (Free Play) Open the Joker Box on the far right side of the area and build with the bricks inside. Now hang off the lever in the back right corner of the room.
  • (Free Play) Use Cyborg’s magnet power to pop the lock on the door in the room above the Joker Box. Use Green Lantern to build with the green LEGO bricks inside. He’ll create a hammer to smash a hole in the floor. Drop down to a small room where a Minikit awaits.
  • (Free Play) Send one of the Penguin’s dynamite-toting minions into the igloo (this may take several tries to line up correctly). The minion will blow open the container Mr. Freeze is trapped in. Run on in and nab the Minikit.
  • Grab the Acrobat Suit and use the poles on the wall to reach the Minikit in the upper right corner.
  • (Free Play) Use Aquaman’s water spray to clean 5 bits of Joker graffiti.
  1. Near the Acrobat Suit Pad.
  2. At the end of the walkway, past the security system and flames.
  3. On the left side of the staircase leading to the boss fight with Scarecrow.
  4. On the right side of the staircase leading to the boss fight with Scarecrow.
  5. Use the Power Suit or Penguin’s minions to blow up the silver gate to the right of the stairs that lead to the boss fight with Scarecrow.
  • (Free Play) Climb down the ladder in the foreground of the area with the X-Ray wall and use Lex’s Deconstructor on the door. The Minikit is inside.
  • (Free Play) Have Poison Ivy use the Flower Bed near the X-Ray wall near the back of the room with the bridges.

Chemical Signature | Walkthrough LB2 Guide

To start this mission you have to follow the Joker's vehicle (picture).

After a short animation the chase will begin. You task is to destroy vehicle's weapons (picture) using machineguns. Later you will also have to destroy enemy choppers.

After the chase you will start next section inside the vehicle. Eliminate all enemies and destroy green boxes in top right corner. Use bricks to build platform with magnetic suit for Robin. Then use magnesium on the blue bricks on the right (it will fall out the ball) and use magnesium once again to drag ball to the hole on the left (picture).

When the magnetic wall shows up climb onto it on the higher floor and turn the valve. After that move right, use magnesium on the blue brick under the ceiling, destroy green crates and build a platform with sensor suit for Batman. Activate invisibility, move left and go to the roof using green ladder (picture).

Throw Batarang at violet circle (picture) which will deactivate the camera. Use Robin's magnesium on the blue brick on the right, move right and destroy two violet pipes near the edge. When the green wall shows up use Batman's power to shift gears and activate the machine.

Move right. After a while you will be attacked by flying enemies (picture). Take them down using Batarang and build platform with bat suit.

Move forward and use magnesium on the blue brick to lift a ramp. Stand on the edge of it, fly above the electric copula (picture) and destroy the violet wheels.

Move forward and use Batman's pistol on the green machine (picture). Use magnesium to destroy aerial, build a terminal and use it to call a plane. After a short while jump into the vehicle and use magnesium on the entrance door.

In the room with three electric streams eliminate all enemies and quickly destroy green pipes near chambers. After that pull down the lever on the left (picture) and destroy mechanism which will show.

Then move to the higher floor using blue pipes, use magnesium on the local door (picture) and destroy the mechanism. Use bricks to build handle for Batman.

Move to the right edge of the platform and shoot hook at the handle at the top of the electric stream (picture). Fly to the opposite platform, use pistol to destroy blue wall and destroy third mechanism.

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