Se Faciliter La Vie Quotidienne Essay

Jeni Wang is an MBAs Without Borders Alumna who was placed in Morocco in the Fall of 2013 working as an Enterprise Development Specialist. Jeni graduated from New York University with a degree in French and History and a minor in Spanish. Jeni attended UCLA Anderson earning an MBA in Marketing and Brand Management and discovering the belief that doing well and doing good are not two mutually exclusive achievements. Here she shows the daily life of Moroccans through photos.

While living in Morocco for two months as an MBAs Without Borders Advisor last fall, I saw so many breathtaking vistas and interesting people. I have a natural curiosity about humanity, and so I like to observe people unnoticed. Some of my favorite photographs are taken from afar, capturing a quiet moment of an individual.

The general etiquette in Morocco is to ask permission prior to taking someone’s photograph. Some individuals refuse to have their photographs taken, adhering to a traditional belief that photographs imprison people’s souls. Others would oblige, usually accompanied by a demand for money, but these subjects never quite resumed to their natural state which is what I was looking for – the intrigue of life in motion. This is why in my photographs you see just as many backs as faces.

Here are some photographs that capture the simple, daily life in Morocco.

You’ve seen this woodworker from the Fez Medina before through my Tweets, Facebook album, and New Global Citizen article. He was one of my favorite people to talk to and photograph throughout my two months in Morocco.

A man lugs his kill to the local butcher in the Fez Medina.

One of the Fez Medina tannery workers spends all day thigh-deep in a vat filled with some malodorous concoction working leather.

Just outside of Fez, these women help sort olives from inedible parts like leaves and branches from the harvest.

A fisherman in Essaouira readies his nets.

In the coastal town of Essaouira (of Jimi Hendrix fame), these men take an interminable break. When I returned two hours later, they were still there, sitting in the shade, chatting away.

In the medina in the seaside town of Assilah, a girl carries dough atop her head to the local baker to bake in his oven.

Strolling through the oasis in Merzouga, Omar makes his living by providing tourists with Sahara desert experiences, complete with camel treks and sandboarding down sand dunes. He is one of the kindest people I met while in Morocco.

My camel trek guide, Ibrahim, takes a few moments of solitude between tending the camels and preparing dinner to enjoy a Saharan sunset.

Another Sahara Desert camel trek guide arrives after dusk with some extra camp supplies.

This man from Chefchaouen works on a loom that is hundreds of years old, weaving beautiful Berber rugs with intricate patterns.

In the mountains outside of Chefchaouen, a lone shepherd tends his flock from a distance.

Between the hustle and bustle there are moments of calm… moments of quiet lounging on stoops or sipping tea at a café.

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  1. Please don't bombard me with corrected errors, i want to know where i stand in terms of grading
    Above is the grading criteria, it just makes it easier for you to give me a mark .


    A 29
    B 26
    C 23
    D 20
    E 17

    Q: On dit que les vétements de marque coutent cher. Mais on continue à les acheter meme à des prix très élevé.
    Expliquez pourquoi les jeunes achetent les vetements de marque. Est-ce que ces vetements jouent un role positif ou negatif dans la vie des jeunes, à votre avis?
    (35 marks)

    A: Les jeunes y compris moi sont les majeur victimes de la mode. Mais, pourquoi? La mode joue un rôle majeur dans nos vie quotidienne. J'analyserai cet problème et je donnerai mon avis si la mode joue un role positif ou negatif de la vie de nous.

    Il va de soi que les vétements de marque coutent très cher. Cependant, malgré cet fait, les jeunes continuent de les acheter en conséquence de pas mal de raisons. Les jeunes sont très très influencé par leurs amis. Ils acheteraient ce que leurs amis achetent, Ils feraient ce que ses amis font et plus important encore, ils porteraient ce que leurs amis portant. À mon avis, cela m'inquiète étant donné que les vetements sont les vetements malgré la prix. Cela montre que les jeunes sont les victimes de la mode en effet.

    Alors, Il parait donc évident que les jeunes sont plus influencé par la prix élevé des vetements, mais il y a un difference envers un haut qui coute €5 au lieu d'un haut qui coute €40. En ce qui concerne le tissu, il va de soi que le haut qui coute €40 durera plus longtemps. Alors, voulez-vous acheter un haut qui coute €5 et qui va durera moins d'un moins ou voulez vous acheter le haut qui coute €40 qui va durer plus d'un an? Ce tourne autour si on l'argent de l'acheter. Pour moi, j'acheterai le haut qui coute plus puisque le tissu est plus mieux et cela va économiser l'argent à la longue.

    En conculsion, malgré être une victime de la mode, je bien crois que c'est plus efficace si j'achete les vetements qui coutent plus mais seulement pour les raisons bien.
  2. Hello
    I am an A2 student so I'm not completely qualified to mark this but I'll give some advice from what I've learnt.

    One thing about this essay is that it is too short and this will affect the mark for content as you don't really have that much in the two paragraphs that you've written. You have given a couple of reasons why young people buy brand clothing but haven't really answered the second part of the question; does brand clothing play a positive or negative role? I would put this in the sufficient band (probably around 11, if I'm honest).

    In terms of accuracy, you've made some basic errors (in terms of agreement mostly) but I won't go into those specifically as you've asked people not to give you corrections. You've missed a lot of accents on words, though I'm not sure if this is just because you typed it. Therefore, I would put the accuracy at around 3.

    Complexity of language- I can see that you've been using the future tense and conditional which is good and some other phrases, but you could use more grammatical structures (subjunctive, past tense). Again I would give this a 3.

    Finally vocabulary- I'll be honest and say that you could benefit from learning more vocabulary, some synonyms for certain words so that you don't keep repeating yourself and more sophisticated adjectives. I would give it a 3 again.

    So the total mark I would give you is 20. Sorry for the long post but I think it's better if I explain why I gave these marks rather than just giving you numbers.

    Hope this helps
    (Original post by schindlers list)
    Please don't bombard me with corrected errors, i want to know where i stand in terms of grading
    Above is the grading criteria, it just makes it easier for you to give me a mark .


    A 29
    B 26
    C 23
    D 20
    E 17

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