Why Is Creativity Important Essay

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Why is creativity important in everyday life?  It is because it makes life infinitely interesting and fulfilling. Creativity is a way of living life that embraces originality and makes unique connections between seemingly disparate ideas. Creativity is about living life as a journey into seeing and communicating the extra-ordinariness of the simplest, most every day acts.

Teacher and student

We often think about creativity as making something, but in fact the root meaning of the word means ‘to grow’. When we are creative we feel as if the world and all that is in it is vibrantly alive. Creativity’s by-products are some of the major achievements of civilization–from the invention of the wheel to Mozart’s sonatas.

Perspective – drawing and painting

Human beings are essentially born creative–from infancy on we find innovative ways to negotiate life. The most creative people find ways around obstacles because they see them not just as roadblocks but also as opportunities. Creativity expands our perceptions and along with expanded perceptions come new ways of problem solving–from making an exquisite meal when you don’t know how to cook to painting an extraordinary landscape when you are living in a freezing attic and can’t afford a full box of paints.

Polka-dot painted pinch pot and story tellers

Painting dinosaur Story teller

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The Importance of Creativity for Organizations Essay

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The Importance of Creativity for Organizations

Nowadays creativity and innovation are becoming extremely important to the success of all business organizations; because they are facing major and rapid changes in the environment. To cope effectively with the change, organizations must become more innovative, developing the ability to quickly plan and implement adoptions to change their environments.

There is a direct link between creativity and important organizational outcomes such as productivity and quality; because creative thinking increases the quality of solutions to organizational problems, helps to stimulate profitable innovations, revitalizes motivation, upgrades personal skills and catalyzes effective team performance.…show more content…

There flashes of inspiration are fleeting and can be lost quickly if not documented. In other words, creative thoughts do not keep a particular schedule. They might come to you at any time of day or night.

e) Verification: Insights are merely rough ideas. Their usefulness still requires verification through conscious evaluation and experimentation. Therefore the last step involves testing the solution or ideas. The creator seeks corroboration and acceptance of the new approach.

This process can lead to various types of creativity.

 Innovation or an original approach to approach to a problem: Innovation involves seeing the obvious before anyone else does.
 Extension; which involves expanding an idea to another application.
 Duplication; or the copying of good ideas from others; which is the simplest form of creative thought.
Types of Creative People:
The type of creative people also differs like the types of creativity. There are two types of creative people;

According to Michael Kirton there are two styles of creativity; adaptors and innovators. Both are creative but in different ways. Adaptors; try to figure out how things can be improved. They tend to feel comfortable working with existing boundaries and systems to push for changes that will make systems better. They change cautiously and in small steps. Innovators; on

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